If there was a ball involved in the sport, Mark Belew could play that sport, and play it well. Mark’s toughest decisions were to decide which sports he would play.

When he arrived at Lutheran High School North as a skinny freshman, he first chose football and went out for the C Team. Starting at quarterback, he led the freshman team to a 4-2 record. His two favorite targets were Jim Crane and Paul Kummer. He also played basketball and tennis that year.

He decided not to play football his sophomore year because Coach Oetting had big plans for him in basketball and didn’t want him to get hurt playing football. The B Team football coach (Coach Manion) was none-to-happy about that decision. However, basketball turned out to be Mark’s best sport. He was a three-year starter at LHSN and became the leading career scorer upon the conclusion of his senior year.

During his sophomore and junior years, he was also excelling at tennis. In fact, Mark was the district singles champion his junior year. As a senior, Mark decided not to play tennis in order that he could play baseball his senior year with all his friends.

After high school, Mark played basketball, soccer, and tennis in college. Give him a ball and he could play it!

Mark is the owner of Redbird Carriers. It has become one of the nation’s largest Intermodal trucking companies. For over 39 years, Redbird Carriers has continued to grow and specialize in both Intermodal and Over the Road operations.

Mark has been very involved with several charities and the Lutheran community in various leadership roles. Mark and Debbie (’72 LHSN) are excited that the Stacie Lee Belew Scholarship Fund (honoring daughter Stacie 1980-2015) has already raised almost 100K in its first 10 months toward sending needy kids to Christian Education Schools.